Lewis and Clark Festival 2024

Hi there, my name is Tim Lee. Welcome to Legacy Studio. Not technically, I’m actually in Billings, Montana. I’m shooting a documentary right now for Power for Abundant Recovery. They hired me several months ago to come out and shoot this. My good friend Jason Laird introduced me to Mark McManus, who’s the person in charge here, and we’ve been incredible working together, creating something truly amazing, a feature film documentary that I’ll be very excited to share with you.

Very soon we’ll be wrapping on it in a little bit. Then you’re going, Tim, I thought you were the caricature guy. That’s a good guess, I am actually. I am the caricature guy. I’m also known as the kingpin of caricatures, as we jokingly call me these days. I have two upcoming events that you need to know about, one good, one not so good. First is the Lewis and Clark Festival. I’m gonna be selling caricatures on Saturday, June 22nd from 9 a to 4 p Come on out.

Come see me, caricatures will be roughly 20, $25 to start and go up from there. Finalizing pricing as we speak. And then of course, come on out, have fun, bring the kids. It’s all prices per person and I’ll look forward to drawing you over there. It’s always beautiful out there. There’s some incredible stuff that they do. They’re both on Friday and on Saturday, so make sure to check them out for all the events they’re doing out there. But I’ll specifically be out there on Saturday from nine to four.

And then, of course, usually we talk about some other events that I would usually be going to, but I have some bad news and that’s that I will not be going to the Augusta Rodeo. We had every intention of being out there. We had planned to be out there for three days, had some things lined up, but they fell through the cracks, lack of communication. And unfortunately, I will not be going there this year. I deeply apologize if you were looking forward to getting caricatures from me out there. Get a hold of me.

I’ll work something out and we’ll make sure you get a caricature anyway one way or another, okay? Thank you so very much for all your incredible support of my business, whether you’re buying video work, whether you’re buying caricatures. Just thank you for letting me be a creative and use my talents in a way that honors God and lets me bless you guys the way that I was built to. That means a lot to me. And it’s because you guys spend time and you support local, you support creatives like me to help get your stuff done. And that means the world to guys like me.

So thank you so very much and I’ll look forward to seeing you. You can see more details about pricing on my website, legacystudioproductions .net or you can go to timleycaricatures .com. That’ll take you directly to the caricature site of my website and just take a look at my event calendar for more details on the Lewis and Clark foundations. I get foundation and I get festival mixed up in my head because I’m ADHD and dyslexic and they both kind of go boop like that. So.

go look at my website and find details on the Lewis and Clark Festival. They’re all up there and I’ll see you there from 9 a to 4 p I will be taking cash and credit card, preferably credit card because it’s just easier with cell phones these days. And thank you so very much. I’ll see you there. I’ll get you drawn up. I’m going to go because I’m talking way too much.

Here are some more details on the Lewis & Clark Festival!

The eagerly anticipated Lewis & Clark Festival is back. This year, they celebrate their 34th festival with an TONS of activities!

On Friday, June 21, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., join us at the amphitheater overlooking the majestic Missouri River for a special event. Moki Hipol, a member of the Montana Mountain Man Society and renowned storyteller, will bring to life two legendary Mountain Men, George Drouillard and Jean Baptiste. The event will feature performances by the Vocal Patriots, a welcome address from Commissioner Susan Wolff, and a presentation of the colors. Admission is FREE.

The festivities continue on Saturday, June 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Highlights include encampment presentations such as a bull boat exhibit, living history with George Caitlyn, and Plains Indian tipi demonstrations by Moki Hipol. Meet Butler, Lewis’s faithful dog, for a photo opportunity, explore exhibits by the Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center, and enjoy caricatures by Tim Lee. Montana artisans will showcase their crafts, and delicious treats from Bumble Bee Kettle Corn, Firehouse Steamers, Little Annie’s Ice Cream, and Taqueria Ibarra Tacos will be available throughout the day.

Inside our theater, don’t miss presentations like Blackfeet Elder Leon Rattler’s oral history of the Corps of Discovery, Caitlyn Clark’s insights into Meriwether Lewis in Greenville, Ohio, and local artist Ron Ukrainetz’s discussion on artists of Lewis’s era. Explore displays from John Fisher, LCIC/Honor Guard Period Weapons, American Prairie Conservation, Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Montana Reptile Rescue in the lobby.

Additional Saturday events include a Swivel Gun Demonstration at 9:30 a.m., an Atlatl Demonstration at 10 a.m. with Jimmy Ray, a beaver skinning demo at 11 a.m., and performances by the Salish Kootenai Indian Dancers in full regalia at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., elementary kids and the young at heart can take part in the Lewis & Clark Adventure Challenge. This family-friendly activity includes educational stations, a 1.5 mile walk, an adventure map, and the opportunity to craft a beaded bear claw or Jefferson Peace Medal necklace.

Save the dates and join us for the 34th Annual Lewis & Clark Festival on June 21 (7 p.m. – 8 p.m.) and June 22 (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.). For more information, visit www.lewisandclarkfoundation.org/news-events.