Is the Blue Yeti Still a Worthy Mic in 2024?

Tim Lee explores the Yeti microphone from Blue and shares his thoughts on its features and performance. He tests out the different polar patterns and discusses their suitability for various recording scenarios. Tim contemplates whether the Yeti microphone is still a viable option in today’s market and considers its advantages over other microphones.


Yeti microphone, Blue, USB compatible, polar patterns, recording scenarios, viable option, advantages


The Yeti microphone from Blue is a popular USB-compatible microphone with various polar patterns. It is suitable for quick content creation and offers good sound quality. The different polar patterns allow for versatile recording options, including interviews and podcasting. The Yeti microphone is a solidly built and durable option for content creators. It is worth considering as a viable microphone choice, especially for those looking for a simple setup.

Sound Bites “The ugliest microphone that I’ve seen in a very long time.” “I’m tempted to buy it off of him and might tell him tomorrow to just sell it to me.” “I’m getting fan noise.”


00:00 Introduction and Setup

00:48 The Yeti Microphone and Its Polar Patterns

08:15 Exploring the Different Polar Patterns

10:02 Considering the Viability of the Yeti Microphone

12:14 Final Thoughts and Conclusion