Montana Caricatures

Hi there, my name is Tim Lee and I am a professional caricature artist out of Great Falls, Montana. I have been in the caricature industry now since 2010 working at one of the world’s largest theme parks for 8 years before moving out to Montana to get my wife closer to her family.

What theme park? Good question! Technically, I’m not supposed to market myself with that information… But I’ll be very willing to share it with you personally.

I love drawing caricatures for events and since quitting my day job and offering my services for events, I am incredibly thankful to say we are doing very well!

Montana has so many rural locations, and so few caricature artists marketing themselves. Because of that, I was given the name “The Kingpin of Caricature” by one of my clients. I love that because it does express the atmosphere my clientele are feeling. There are so few artists, who are so difficult to find, that it puts me at the top of the list and gives me the monopoly. As a business in Montana that is very exciting as long as I can properly live up to that name and support my family.

What makes all this “work” for me is my willingness to travel pretty much anywhere across Montana to do a gig, and thankfully for most Montanans, they know that a good quality product is worth paying travel costs for. This makes for some exciting experiences that keep me inspired to draw some really fun caricatures.

So far this year alone I have done gigs in Great Falls, Billings, Alberton, and Kalispell, and each one has ended in a raving success for my clients and for myself. It has been a win-win every time. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity.