How to Buy a Caricature

Hey there! Let’s get down to business! If you are looking for prices, there aren’t any on this page.

I work with each of my clients one on one to get them the best fit for their caricature that is truly custom to their request and not “cookie-cutter”. These caricatures are not your generic theme park caricatures that are done in 10 to 20 minutes, but true studio pieces that can take several days to produce. But prices start as low as $100 and go up from there depending on your needs and the best way to contact Tim regarding your request will be on either Facebook or Instagram. Links will be provided below on how to reach out to Tim.

Here’s what you can expect us to ask you to get your quote ready.

How many people/animals are you wanting drawn? (We charge per person/animal.)
What type of caricature do you want? Face and shoulders, Face to waist, Full Body?
Black and white or color?
How would you like to be dressed?
Favorite color
Your eye color (Images often dont give a clear view of eye color.)
Are you wanting any props? (Things in your hands or around you?)
Are you wanting a background of any sort?
How quickly will you need this? (Rush fees may be required)
We prefer close-up pictures of the person or pet to be drawn at several different angles. Please use a picture that you think best represents that person. Also, include any images of them that you feel best represent their mood/spirit.
What you can expect to receive:

You will receive a high resolution rasterized digital file (usually 3000px x 3000px at 300DPI) in the .PNG format with a transparent background unless otherwise stated. If you need another size for print or web please make sure to request it. (This is not a vector file and can not easily be converted to vector). If you wish to have it printed we suggest you take the digital file to a printing company near you for the best price.